Italian Muslim Brotherhood And Union Of Good Meet With Turkish Ambassador To Italy


Palestinian media in Italy have reported on a meeting between The Turkish Ambassador to Italy and representatives of the Italian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas support organization in Italy. According to the software translated report:

A meeting was held yesterday at the Embassy of the Turkish Republic between the acting ambassador, Lutfu Semih Turgut, President of API – Association of Palestinians in Italy – Mohammad Hannoun, President UCOII – Union of Islamic Communities in Italy – Izzeddin el-Zir, representatives of the House of Islamic culture and other Italian Muslim associations, journalists and Angela Lano and Manolo Luppichini, members of the Freedom Flotilla attacked in international waters by Israeli navy on the night of May 31 last year. “The conflict is not between Israel and the Palestinians – said the representative of the Embassy – but it is of a humanitarian nature. For 35 months the population of the Gaza Strip liveed under siege, and this goes against the conscience of people. World public opinion does not know the real situation in Gaza. The reporters came and went from the Strip but people did not understand the real living conditions of Palestinians. Many thought that they wanted to attack Israel, they had no right to lead a normal life. The siege is thus the main objective of the Freedom Flotilla. Another aim was to reveal the true face of Israel that came out during and after the attack on the fleet humanitarian. Sadly many people lost their lives, but we hope that this dramatic event helps to lift the siege. “Hannoun, president of API, thanked the Turkish government for its support to the Flotilla and travelers deported from Israel, and announced the construction of the Freedom Flotilla 2, which will consist of about 20 ships and 5,000 passengers. “I’m ready six ships – We will start in September. “

The UCOII is generally is thought to represent the Muslim Brotherhood in Italy and is probably a member of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the EU-level Islamic organization claiming to represent the Muslims of Europe, although it is not listed as the FIOE contact organization in that country. For background on the UCOII, go here.

The Association of Palestinians in Italy is the sam organization as Associazione Benefica Di Solidarieta’ Con Il Popolo Palestinese (ABSPP), the Italian Union of Good member organization described by a NEFA Foundation report as follows:

The Union of Good is a coalition of Islamic charities that provides financial support to both the Hamas “social” infrastructure, as well as its terrorist activities. It is headed by global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi, and most of the trustees and member organizations are associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood. The Union of Good was banned by Israel in 2002 and was recently designated a terrorist entity by the United States, although neither Youssef Qaradawi nor any of the Trustees were similarly designated. Despite the fact that action has been taken against some of its member organizations in Europe, many of its other European member organizations continue to operate. Further, the Union of Good itself does not appear to be under investigation in Europe.

Previous posts have described the significant role played by the Global Muslim Brotherhood in the recent Gaza flotilla crisis.


  1. American Delight

    Belusconi says Italy is the most wiretapped country on earth. Maybe an enterprising Italian journalist can get their hands on a recording of what was discussed at the meeting…

  2. Even a quick google on “Lutfu Semih Turgut” reveals that he’s (not so surprisingly) affiliated with the “Gulen Movement”. An article on Gulen’s official website mentions how ambassador Turgut was present at an award ceremony [Turkish Language Olympiads] held at one of Gulen’s schools in Pakistan and personally handed out the prizes to the students who ranked highest.

    The extent to which followers of Fethullah Gulen have infiltrated practically all government & law enforcement bodies in Turkey was recently revealed by Hanefi Avc? who’s still Chief Constable of Police for the province of Eski?ehir.

    It it high time that policy makers of the West start thinking out of the box when evaluating relations with Turkey, and remember that sometimes the end may well justify the means even if the means may contradict the prevalent norms espoused by the West.