International Union of Muslim Scholars Calls For Political And Economic Support Of Turkey


The Federation of Islamic Organizations In Europe (FIOE) is reporting on a statement issued by the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) expressing appreciation for the Turkish position on Gaza and calling for support of Turkey economically and politically. According to the report:

A number of Muslim scholars and international Islamic leaders issued a statement on Thursday in which they applauded the position of Turkey towards ending the siege on Gaza and asking for justice for the Palestinian people. They called for the necessity to support Turkey in the media and economically. The statement was issued by: Dr.Yousef Al Karadawy the President of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Dr.Abdallah Bin Beih the Head of the Reformation and Guidance Center in Jeddah, the Head of Islam Today Dr.Salman Alouda, Mr.Chakib Bin Makhlouf the President of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe, the Islamic scholar Dr.Mohamed Omara, Dr.Mohamed Alhassan the Head of the Scholar Development Center and Dr.Essam Beshir the Head of the Development Forum in Sudan. The statement said that the right time had come for Turkey to be a pivot in preserving the international and regional balance and to regain its applauded role in the region. The Peace flotilla was a giant step and opened the doors to rekindling the interest of the world in the siege on Gaza, and condemning it and attempting to end it. The Turkish people offered their own sons who died believing in the justice of the cause, and a deep commitment to the Islamic faith and Arab neighborhood, and hence they joined all the honorable and noble from all over the world in the blessed flotilla. Al Jazeera channel mentioned that the statement issued addressed the Islamic and Arab world and urged them to give Turkey media support. Words play a significant role in their reach and effect. Jihad with words and the pen, with expressive pictures, electronic devises, and new media technology are all new legitimate forms, and have an obvious effect on public opinion.The statement also encouraged establishing a joint economical strategy between Turkey and Arab countries, exchanging industrial goods, commodities and products to be supportive of future ties between the countries of the region.

The remainder of the statement called for those considering travel to Europe or the US to visit Turkey instead.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) is head by Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi. A previous post discussed plans by the IUMS to have its own ship in the next Gaza flotilla.

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