Palestinian National Authority Spokesman Criticizes Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood


Chinese media is reporting on remarks by a Palestinian Authority spokesman critical of the leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. According to the report:

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) on Saturday slammed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Badi, who predicted PNA’s near collapse. Badi’s remarks were an order “to keep troubles” in the Palestinian territories, said Nabil Abu Rdineh, spokesman for the PNA. The Brotherhood group “has always brought troubles and civil wars in every place it controlled and today it is repeating this bitter experience on our land,” Abu Rdineh said. In a message posted on the group’s website on Friday, Badi said that the PNA “is breathing its last breath” after it had accepted a U.S. invitation to resume peace talks with Israel last month. Badi added that peoples “know well who the resistance fighters are (referring to Hamas) and who has sold and bargained the Palestinian cause.”

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood can be considered to be the “mother” organization of what is referred to in these pages as the Global Muslim Brotherhood which developed as Muslim Brothers fleeing Egypt settled in Europe and the United States, as well as other places, throughout the years. The global network has since eclipsed the Egyptian organization as evidenced by global Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi’s decision to turn down the leadership of the Egyptian organization when it was offered to him in 2004.

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