Chinese Political Adviser Wants Chinese Muslims To Cooperate With Saudi Muslim World League


Chinese media are reporting that a top Chinese political adviser has called on China’s Islamic community to “cement friendly cooperation with the Muslim World League (MWL). According to the report:

BEIJING, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) — Chinese top political advisor Jia Qinglin on Thursday called on the country’s Islamic community to cement friendly cooperation with the Muslim World League (MWL), one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations. Jia made the remarks in his meeting with a delegation led by MWL Secretary-General Abdullah bin Abdulmohsen Al-Turki. Jia commended the traditional friendship between China and Islamic countries. He said China and Islamic countries had continued to cooperate well on major regional and international issues over the years, respect each other and support one another on issues of major concerns and key interests. Concerning China’s religious policies, Jia said China has stipulated and implemented guiding policies to respect the customs and cultures of minority groups and promote unity and common prosperity among different ethnic groups. “China has developed a good way of solving ethnic issues and achieving common development of all ethnic groups,” he added. The Chinese government has always followed and protected its citizens’ freedom of religion, highlighting religion’s positive role in helping build a harmonious society, said Jia. “The country also places importance to developing religious people’s active role in social and economic development,” he said. The top advisor called on China’s Islamic community to cement friendly cooperation with the MWL, to make new contributions to deepening China’s traditional friendship with Islamic countries, and boosting social harmony and economic development. In response, Turki said China had offered continued support for the just cause of Islamic countries. People of these countries have a great affection for the Chinese. He said the delegation is visiting China to enhance friendly ties with the Chinese government, the Islamic community and Chinese Muslims. The MWL delegation was here at the invitation of the Islamic Association of China.

An earlier post discussed the visit by the MWL delegation to China.

The Muslim World League was established in 1962 as a means for the propagation of Saudi “Wahabbi” Islam. Muslim Brothers played an important role in its founding and, to date, the League has been strongly associated with the Brotherhood.

(Source: Beijing Xinhua in English — China’s official news service for English-language audiences (New China News Agency))

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