U.K Muslim Brotherhood To Hold Islamophobia Conference


A coalition of U.K. Muslim Brotherhood and far-left political groups have announced a May 21 conference titled “Confronting anti-Muslim hatred in Britain and Europe.” According to the announcement, the following individuals are expected to participate:

  • Tony Benn – far left activist
  • Kamal el-Helbawy – Former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman
  • Dr AbdoolKarim Vakil – Muslim Council of Britain, coalition of UK Muslim groups working closely with the Global Muslim Brotherhood
  • Lindsey German – Stop the War Coalition, far-left group frequently in coalitions with the UK Muslim Brotherhood

The conference is being organized by the Organised by the Enough Coalition consisting of the British Muslim Initiative, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, Stop the War Coalition, Islamic Forum of Europe, One Society many Cultures, Muslim Safety Forum. All of these groups are know to be part of or close to the UK Muslim Brotherhood.

Virtually all of the known conferences on Islamophobia have been held by the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

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