U.K. Condolences Gathering Held For Fasial Mawlawi


Arab news media has reported on a condolences gathering held by the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood to honor the death of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Faisal Mawlawi (born Tripoli, Lebanon 1941) who recently died at the age of 70 following a long illness first reported in December 2009. According the report, the gathering was co-sponosred by the Lebanese Association in Britain together with Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and those attending linked to the U.K. and or Global Muslim Brotherhood included:

  • Muhammad Kozbar, head of the Lebanese Association in Britain
  • Ibrahim Mounir, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood living in the U.K.
  • Zuhair Salem, official spokesman of the Syrian MB
  • Dr. Hafez al-Karmi, head of the Palestinian Forum of Britain
  • Sheikh Shukri Majouli, representative of the Tunisian Nahda Movement
  • Dr. Said Shehabi, Deputy Secretary General of Islamic Unity Forum headed by Muslim Brotherhood leader Kemal Helbawy
  • Sheikh Maymoun Zarzur, Muslim Welfare House (MWH) imam and member of the Lebanese Association in Britain
  • Tawfiq al-Qassimi, MWH head

Faisal Mawlawi was a close associate of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and an earlier post provides details on his life and career.

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