Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says Brotherhood Will Gain Complete Control Over Egypt


Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef has told the New York Times that the Brotherhood will disclose its “full platform”  when it is in complete control of Egypt and has secured the presidency. According to the report:

“But many Egyptian liberals and Western analysts worry about the prospect of the Brotherhood’s growing power in post-Mubarak Egypt in part because the group, founded in this country in 1928 and the great-grandfather of Islamist political movements around the world, has always remained vague about its long-term vision of how to incorporate Islamic law into a civil state. Some in the West recall the 1979 Iranian revolution, in which the ouster of a secular dictator paved the way for a takeover by religious extremists. A few in the organization have acknowledged an undisclosed agenda. “Our preliminary platform will be shown through the Freedom and Justice Party,” said Mehdi Akef, a former top Brotherhood leader and a conservative. “But our full platform will not be disclosed until we are in complete control and take the presidency as well.”

Akef, who was resident in Germany during the 1980’s, is famous for his incendiary rhetoric and numerous previous posts have discussed his anti-American, anti-Semitic, and other remarks. He resigned as Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2009 and was replaced by Mohammed Badie, the current Supreme Guide, in January 2010.

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