Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Says Election Critics Are U.S./Israeli Agents


Egyptian media is reporting on criticism of statements made by the head of the new Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood political party in which he called those wanting to postpone parliamentary elections “Zionists” and “agents of Israel and the U.S.”. According to a report in Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Various political forces on Tuesday condemned statements made by Mohamed Morsy, president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, labelling those who want to postpone parliamentary elections as “Zionists” and “agents of Israel and the United States”. In a joint statement, the National Association for Change (NAC) and the Egyptian National Council (ENC) condemned Morsy’s statements as “mediocre political discourse that breaks up national unity,” criticizing him for lacking any evidence for his accusations. The NAC and ENC demanded an apology from Morsy, threatening to take legal action against him and calling for a demonstration in Tahrir Square on Friday to protect the revolution from those attempting to hijack it.   The statement also accused the Freedom and Justice Party of attempting to control the parliament in order to write a constitution that serves its purposes.   “The Muslim Brotherhood likes to play on people’s emotions with such statements,” said NAC coordinator Essam al-Sherif.

Previous posts have discussed announcements by U.S. officials that formal contact will resume between the U.S. and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

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