Norwegian Muslim Leader’s Call For Unity Not Likely To Include Jews


Reuters is reporting on comments by a Norwegian Muslim leader who said that the Norwegian attacker’s views were “more likely to bring Muslims and Christians together.” According to the report:

Norway’s Muslim leaders were hopeful for the future, seeing Breivik’s violent call for Europe to shun Muslims as actually more likely to bring Muslims and Christians together. “I think minorities will think of themselves as more Norwegian … religion, ethnicity, color will go into the background. The Norwegian identity will be strengthened,” said Mehtab Afsar, Islamic Council of Norway general-secretary. “We are standing shoulder to shoulder with our Christian brothers and sisters in Norway,” he added.”

According to Norwegian media, another leader of the Islamic Council of Norway is Mohammad Hamdan, also the head of Ufree, a a Norway-based Hamas support NGO that has accused Israel of being behind the Oslo attacks. According to a report carried on a Union of Good website:

UFree accused Israel of being behind the Friday twin attack in Oslo. The European network for the defense of Palestinian prisoners’ rights (UFree) strongly denounced the terrorist attacks in Norway and accused Israel of being behind what happened on Friday. “The world knows now that Israel, its friends and supporters are the real threat to the world’s security and peace and the real source of terrorism,” UFree stated in a press release. The Oslo-based network described what happened as a “heinous crime” that is against all religions and international laws. It noted that Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Store visited one day before the attack the youth camp that was organized by the ruling labor party and discussed with the participants the Palestinian cause and the ways to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza. During this meeting, Norwegian young men and women lifted Palestinian flags and banners against Israel, the thing which places a question mark over the party that has the motive to carry out such attacks on Friday, UFree underlined.


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