BREAKING NEWS: French Muslim Brotherhood Condemation Of Shootings Echoes Standard Themes


The Union des Organisations Islamiques de France (UOIF) has issued a condemnation of the shootings in France that echoes standard Global Muslim Brotherhood themes about terrorism. A Google translation of the statement reads as follows (minor edits for clarity):

The UOIF wishes to reiterate its pain and strong condemnation of the killings inToulouse and Montauban , which have devastated the country. The UOIF resubmits its condolences to the families of victims and reiterates its dismay at these abhorrent acts. This affliction is especially strong and bitter that the alleged offender, by his claims, holds hostage the Muslim religion and all his followers. Recall that terrorism and the killing spree have no religion. The UOIF reminds the total membership of Muslims in France to the values ??that underpin the Republic. Muslims in France prove on a daily basis their commitment to citizenship. The UOIF  calls on all our fellow citizens not to succumb to panic and stigmatization of Muslims, amalgam that would feed Islamophobia .These events isolated, as dramatic as they are, must not jeopardize the deep work undertaken to improve togetherness and peace in our country. The UOIF urges public authorities to broadcast a talk of peace and cohesion and hope that everything possible will be made ??to save all places of worship and denominational grouping.

In a post titled “Muslim Brotherhood Positions On Terrorism- Denial, Deception, Defense, And Obstruction”, the following first theme was identified:

1. DENIAL- Since the Brotherhood is pursuing Islamization and eventually Shariah (Islamic Law), it is necessary at all costs to deny that Islam as a religion has any connection to violence or terrorism. Of course, the Brotherhood represents Islamism as opposed to Islam in this regard but since the general audience does not understand that distinction, it is Islam which is the Brotherhood reference. They cannot afford to fail in this denial and the denial strategy is usually pursued through sophistry. That is, the Brotherhood claims that Islam is unfairly associated with terrorism while Christianity, Judaism, and other religions are not (e.g. Abortion bombers are not called Christian Terrorists) and/or that other religious terrorism is just as dangerous as Islamic terrorism. The Brotherhood may be winning this battle (see here.)

The UOIF is widely regarded as representing the Muslim Brotherhood in France. Fouad Alaoui and Lahj Breze took over the leadership of the UOIF in 1993 and were known as the “Bordelaise Clan”, a reference to the French town in which they met as students. They were generally regarded as more moderate than their predecessors Abdallah Ben Mansour and Ahmed Jaballah who have both served as officers of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Foud Alaoui is also a FIOE officer.

In June 2011, a post reported that the UOIF elected Ahmed Jaballah as its new President, replacing Fouad Alaoui who was elected to a four-year term in 2009 but resigned his post. An earlier post reported that Jaballah was identified as a member of the “Meeting of Muslim Scholars and Thinkers”, an organizaton sponsored by the Saudi Muslim World League.

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