BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Salafists Promise Muslim Brotherhood Panel To Insure Compliance With Islamic Law


AP is reporting on comments by Egyptian Salafists that Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Presidential candidate Khairat el-Shater has promised them that if elected. he would form a council to insure that new legislation complied with Islamic law (Shari’ah). According to the report:

CAIRO — A group of ultraconservative Muslim clerics says the Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential hopeful has promised to give clerics power to oversee legislation in Egypt. The promise came when Brotherhood candidate Khairat el-Shater met a panel of hard-line Salafi scholars and clerics, trying to win support in next month’s presidential election. El-Shater wants to avert a rift in the Islamist ranks between multiple candidates and unite them behind himself. The panel, called the Jurisprudence Commission for Rights and Reform, says in a Wednesday posting on its Facebook page that el-Shater said that, if elected, he would form a council of clerics to review legislation to ensure it adheres to Islamic Shariah law. A Brotherhood spokesman could not immediately confirm the offer.

A post from February discussed a sermon given by the leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in which he called for a “total reform in all domains in life” resulting in the gradual establishment of an Islamic state. An earlier post discussed an interview with Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi in which he called for the gradual implementation of the Shari’ah in Egypt.


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