RECOMMENDED READING: “Kuwaiti Cleric And Manager Of Al-Resala TV Tareq Sweidan: Jews, Not Dictatorship, Are The Number One Danger Facing Muslims


Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Al-Suwaidan has given a TV interview in which he makes various anti-Semitic comments and says that the most dangerous thing facing Muslims is not dictatorships but Jews whom he calls “the greatest enemy.” According to a MEMRI translation:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Kuwaiti cleric Tareq Sweidan, manager of Al-Resala TV, which aired on Al-Quds TV on March 26, 2012.

Tareq Sweidan : I studied at the Petroleum Department at the University of Oklahoma, and our dean, who was a Christian American, retired. The man they brought to replace him was completely incompetent. I went to the former dean, Dr. Guerrero, and asked him: “What made them choose Dr. Sylvester as the new dean, even though he is unworthy of this?” I was still a student back then. He laughed and said: “You noticed?” I said: “Of course. Anybody with eyes in his head would notice.” He said: “It’s because he is a Freemason.” This Guerrero began to curse the Jews and the Freemasons, saying that they control everything. This is just a little story from Oklahoma in the middle of America. Now think what happens in New York or California, the centers of power.

[…] When I was still in the US, we decided to try to influence a member of Congress, who seemed to be somewhat sympathetic towards us. He was campaigning in the elections, and we said: “Let us Muslims vote and raise funds for him. We raised 300,000 dollars and went to give it to him, saying: “Take this money, we support you, and you will support us politically.” He refused. We asked why, and he said: “The Jews were here yesterday and gave me 300 million.”

[…] I have no hope that the West will change its positions. I can change the positions of some Westerners, but at the end of the day, power lies with the politicians, who are influenced by two things and two things only: money and the media, both of which are controlled by the Jews. So we should make the effort, but we must not rely on Western aid or on Western popular sympathy. These are minor things. We rely upon Allah and then upon our armed resistance in obtaining our rights

. […] I say to the Arabs today: “Please do not negotiate. You are weak and would end up making unnecessary concessions. If you are incapable of regaining the holy city [of Jerusalem], I beg you to leave it occupied. A generation will come that will liberate it for us.” We do not want negotiations or compromises while in a state of weakness, because we would end up relinquishing what the strong would not give up.

[…] Interviewer : The principle of compromise states that we should get whatever we can. Its supporters say: Let’s accept this, so that Palestine is not lost in its entirety. Some Arab regimes have even begun to lament [their objection to]the Partition Plan. In order not to repeat the same mistake, they say, let’s take what is being offered… Tareq Sweidan : This is a defeatist mentality, adopted by the weak. Let me say something to you, to the viewers, and to the Palestinians: This land is not yours. Palestine, the Holy Land – and especially Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque – does not belong to the Palestinians. It belongs to the entire Islamic nation. You have no right to relinquish or divide it. By Allah, even if all the Palestinians accept a compromise and hand over Jerusalem, we will not agree to that. Even if you become weak and surrender, we will not weaken. We will continue to wage resistance until we liberate it. These are our holy places. This is the Islamic mentality as I understand it.

[…] I’m from Kuwait, but my first and foremost cause in this world is that of Palestine and Jerusalem. Palestine and Jerusalem come before Kuwait for me, because I’m a Muslim, and I believe in my holy places. A nation that relinquishes its holy places becomes worthless. Even if all the Palestinians relinquish it, the Islamic nation will not.

[…] In a nutshell, my strategy is as follows: We must consolidate the position of the Palestinians within Palestine as much as possible. We must support the armed resistance in Gaza, and if possible, we must spread it to the West Bank, and even to Palestine [within the 1948 borders]. If we can, we should do that. Third, the countries bordering [Israel] must be serious in their resistance to the Zionist entity. Thanks to Allah, there are signs of this. Fourth, this must be a mission for the entire Islamic nation. Everyone should support this cause. The most dangerous thing facing the Muslims is not the dictatorships. The absolutely most dangerous thing is the Jews. They are the most dangerous. They are the greatest enemy. […]

Tariq Al-Suwidan is one of the most important leaders of the Kuwait Brotherhood as well as the General Manager of Al-Resalah Satellite TV, the brainchild of Saudi businessman Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. In May 2007, Al-Suwaidan was listed by federal prosecutors in a group of U.S Muslim Brotherhood members named as part of a large group of Unindicted Co-Conspirators in the terrorism financing case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, convicted of providing funds for Hamas. Al-Suwaidan is also the author of the anti-Semitic “Encyclopedia of Jews.” A previous post discussed both his background and the struggle to control his Wikipedia page. Another post discussed an interview with Al-Suwaidan in which he called on the Islamic nation to provide “direct support to the armed resistance” against Israel as well as urging Islamic youth to undertake “electronic Jihad” in order to destroy Israeli websites.

(Source: Al-Siyasah website, Kuwait, in Arabic 8 Mar 12 Text of report by Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasah website on 8 March[Al-Suwaydan: “The Arrest of Al-Qaradawi is a Disaster for the UAE”BBC Monitoring Middle East – Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring March 8, 2012 Thursday “Kuwaiti preacher warns UAE against issuing arrest warrant for Al-Qaradawi”)

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