Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Meets Near Istanbul To Discuss Revolt


Lebanese media is reporting that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has begin a two-day meeting near Istanbul to discuss how to support the Syrian uprising against the Assad government. According to a report in the Daily Star:

ISTANBUL: Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood began Monday a two-day meeting on the outskirts of Istanbul focusing on ways to support the uprising against the regime in Damascus, a member of the organization said. ‘It is the first meeting of the organization after more than 30 years,’ since many of its members fled Syria following a revolt that was violently suppressed in 1982, Omar Mushaweh, representative of the Muslim Brotherhood within the Syrian National Council, the main opposition group, told AFP. ‘There are two main issues: an internal issue for our group to activate young people and women in our organization and the other is to generate more support for the revolution,’ he said. During the inaugural session of the Istanbul meeting, a member of the Islamist movement, Mohammad Riad al-Shakfa, called on the international community to lend an ear to the voice of the Syrian people. ‘We, as the Muslim Brotherhood, have continued our existence in Syria’s political, historical, social and cultural platforms for many years despite the Assad regime’s pressure,’ Shakfa said in remarks carried by Anatolia news agency. ‘We will not accept any plan on Syria that excludes people,’ he added. The leader of the Syrian National Council, Abdul-Basset Sayda, who also attended the meeting, repeated his calls for all opposition groups to unite against the regime in Damascus, while predicting that victory was not far off. ‘We are supporting the Free Syrian Army. History is being rewritten in the streets of Syria,’ he was quoted as saying by Anatolia. ‘The developments in Damascus show victory on the Syrian revolt is close,’ he said. Turkey has hosted numerous meetings of Syrian opposition groups since the uprising erupted in mid-March last year, claiming more than 17,000 lives according to monitoring groups. It is also playing host to Syrian army defectors in camps near the border. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood was banned in Syria in 1963. The group attempted to stir a public revolt against the regime but the army crushed the uprising, leaving nearly 20,000 people dead according to estimates.”

A post from late June reported that CIA officers were operating inside Turkey using a network that includes the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood to funnel arms to the opposition. 

In May, a Lebanese newspaper traced the dominant role of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in the opposition to the Assad regime. Also in May, writer and analyst John Rosenthal’s summarized the cooperation between the Obama Administration and the Syrian opposition focusing on the role of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

Previous posts have noted that the SNC includes at least two known members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood- Louay Safi, a leader in the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Najib Ghadbian, a board member of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID). The relationship between the SNC and Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi should also be noted.

In 2007, the Wall Street Journal reported on moves by the U.S. Government to reach closer relations with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

For a comprehensive account of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in 2006, go here.

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