Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Demands Foreign Intervention


Russian media has conducted an interview with the deputy leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in which he says that the international community is responsible for the killings going on in Syria and demanding action to stop it. The interview begins:

Jul 23, 2012 17:05 Moscow Time Ali Sadreddin al-Bayanuni enjoys the highest authority among the oppositionists; he is one of the founders and a long-term leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood – an organization that has got old scores to settle with the current regime. Now, al-Bayanuni is the Deputy Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. Until recently he was the spiritual leader of this oldest organization of the Syrian opposition – he held that position for many years. In an interview with the Voice of Russia he touched upon today’s expectations of the opposition. It is worth noting that this is his first interview with Russian media. Moscow often expresses its concern over religious minorities in Syria, in particular with Christians.

How would you comment on it as one of the leaders and founders of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood? Ali Sadreddin al-Bayanuni: We would not like the Russian leadership to be worried for no purpose. Religious minorities in Syria will not be affected. The Muslim Brotherhood, for instance, are aiming to build a civil society in Syria. Our goal is to establish a state that will respect the rights of all citizens, regardless of their nationality and religion.

What is the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s attitude to the fact that the UN Security Council has extended the mission of international observers in Syria for another month?

Frankly speaking, the Syrian opposition has no confidence either in the UN observers, or in the Kofi Annan plan. All these plans are only providing the regime with more time. The solution is being delayed. In the meantime, people are constantly dying, to our great regret.

And what are the Syrian opposition’s expectations?

The Syrian opposition relies on its own strength. Our people have proved that they would go on fighting for the revolution in Syria until they have reached their goals.

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In November 2008, al-Bayanuni (aka Al-Bayanouni ) accused Israel, Europe and America of providing support to the the Syrian government. According to a statement posted on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website:

Ali Sadreddine Al-Bayanouni ( the head of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria) called, in an interview with Ikhwanweb, for lifting the lid on the Syrian regime, pointing out that this lid is the one from which the Syrian regime derived its power, stressing that Muslim Brotherhood in Syria demanded to lift it for many years ago, as the Syrian regime is protected by Israel, Europe and America. He accused those countries which provide the lid for the Syrian regime, of double standards, citing what had happened last August of that massacre in which many prisoners of “Sednaya Prison” were killed, when one of the soldiers ran over the Holy Qur’an. 

A post from August 2010 reported that the Shura Council of the Syrian Brotherhood had met in Istanbul to elect Riyadh Al-Shaqfa as the organization’s new general guide, noting that Al-Shaqfa and one of his deputies belonged to the organization’s “military arm.” Several weeks later, a post reported that the new leader announced that the “truce” with the Syrian government was at an end. 


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