Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Once Again Calls For “Jihad” Against Israel


U.S. media is reporting on comments by the head of the  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood calling on the Muslim world to carry out ‘holy jihad’ against Israel and capture Jerusalem. According to report:

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide – the group’s highest ranking official — is calling on the Muslim world to carry out ‘holy jihad’ against Israel and capture Jerusalem. Mohammed Badie’s remarks were reported Thursday by AFP:

‘Jerusalem is Islamic … and nobody is entitled to make concessions’ on the Holy City, said Sheikh Mohammed Badie in his weekly message to supporters. ‘The jihad for the recovery of Jerusalem is a duty for all Muslims,’ he said, stressing that the liberation of the Holy City ‘will not be done through negotiations or at the United Nations.’ Badie said that because ‘the Zionists only understand force,’ Muslims should sidestep any efforts at negotiation with Israel. The Times of Israel provided more quotes from the Muslim Brotherhood leader’s anti-Jewish message [emphasis added]:

Egypt’s foremost Muslim Brotherhood official called on the Arab world Thursday to replace negotiations with Israel with ‘holy Jihad,’ claiming that if Jews are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount they will destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and supplant it with the third temple. […] ‘The time has come for the Islamic nation to unite around one man for the sake of Jerusalem and Palestine,’ Badie said. ‘The Jews have dominated the land, spread corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profaned holy places, including their own.’ ‘Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress,’ Badie continued. ‘This will only happen through holy Jihad, high sacrifices and all forms of resistance. The day they realize we will march this path and raise the banner of Jihad for the sake of God, is the day they will relent and stop their tyranny.’ This isn’t the first time Badie has conveyed an extreme anti-Semitic message. As TheBlaze reported in July, Badie said waging jihad against Israel is an imperative for every Muslim in order to ‘to save al-Quds [Jerusalem] from the hands of the rapists [Israelis].’ And before that, Badie called for gradually establishing a global Islamic Caliphate leading to ‘mastership of the world.’

For the Arabic text, go here.

A post from July reported on the similar comments by Dr. Badie in which he said that waging Jihad against Israel is a necessity for all Muslims in order to save Jerusalem from “the rapists.” A post in June discussed a speech given by Dr. Badie in which he preached the destruction of Israel in order to liberate it from “the filth of the Zionists.” 

Earlier posts reported on Badie’s past statements that included predicting the end of the United States, asserting a “U.S,/Zionist conspiracy” in the secession of South Sudan, and praising radical Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb.

For a profile of Muhammad Badie, go here.

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