Morsy Supporters Block Egyptian High Court; Court Sessions Suspended Indefinitely


U.S. media is reporting on they continuing turmoil in Egypt as supporters of President Morsi surrounded Egypt’s high court and prevented the judges from entering. According to a CNN report, the high court is indefinitely suspending its sessions:

Cairo (CNN) — Egypt’s high court is indefinitely suspending all its sessions, after supporters of President Mohamed Morsy surrounded the building and blocked judges from entering. Calling Sunday a ‘dismal, black day’ in the history of the country’s judiciary, the court said in a statement that its judges will not return to work until they can do their jobs ‘without any psychological or physical pressures.’ ‘The judges of the Supreme Constitutional Court have no choice but to declare to the great Egyptian people that they are unable to perform their sacred mission in light of the current charged situation,’ the statement said, according to the state-run MENA news agency. It was the latest salvo in a growing crisis that pits Morsy and his conservative Islamist allies against liberal, secular opponents, raising fears among observers that the political strife could translate to violence in the streets. Egyptians protest president’s powers Islamists call for Morsy support rally Egyptian women protest against Morsy Egyptian council approves constitution  A protester who was injured in anti-Morsy demonstrations last week died of his wounds Sunday, Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Mohamed Sultan said. And at least one person died and 66 were injured Saturday in clashes at protests, both for and against the president, according to MENA. Sunday’s protest by Morsy’s supporters forced judges to postpone ruling on the legitimacy of the body drawing up the nation’s constitution, and on a separate but related decision about whether to dissolve the Shura Council, Egypt’s upper house of parliament.”

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A post from Friday reported that demonstrations were continuing in Cairo over President Morsi’s decision to assume sweeping new powers placing him above any oversight. Another earlier post had reported that following days of violence that saw Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood offices sacked and burned around the country,  Egyptian President Morsi might have been softening his decision to assume the sweeping new powers and the Brotherhood website reported that Morsi had met with the Supreme Judicial Council. A post from late November reported on the violence that had broken out across Egypt in the wake of Morsi’s decision. Earlier posts had reported on the unprecedented worldwide acclaim that Morsi had been receiving for his perceived role in the Hamas/Israel truce.

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