Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Calls Anti-Morsi Protestors “Paid Thugs”


The  Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  website has published a report in which it calls anti- Egyptian President Morsi protestors “paid thugs” who are “out to wreak havoc and paint a stark image of total lawlessness and chaos and inhuman violence.” The report begins:

December 10,2012 IkhwanWeb Reports were heard of plots being made to storm Itehadia Presidential Palace, in order to delay any attempts to end the transitional period and complete genuine democratic transformation. So, a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) statement was clear: to turn out for peaceful demonstration in support of the legitimacy of elected President Mohamed Morsi. Amr Maghawri, Civil Engineer and a young Brotherhood member injured in the Itehadia clashes said: ‘We came out to protect State institutions. I arrived outside Itehadia Presidential Palace at five o’clock in the afternoon (Tuesday, December 4). I found anti-Morsi demonstrators standing next to the palace fence shouting terrible abuses against the President. But those walked away about six o’clock. ‘Half an hour later, armed men marched on the scene, and started throwing stones at us. We tried to create human chains to keep women and children out of harm’s way. Shortly, opposition thugs attacked us with various firearms, including birdshot and Molotov cocktails. Violence escalated against us dramatically, very fast, especially when we got to nearby Roxy Square. This was a trap, an ambush waiting for us. It was then that I heard and saw a Brotherhood youth die, hit by bird shots.’ Maghawri went on, ‘What aroused my attention – and suspicion – the most was tear gas bombs which thugs threw at us. At that moment, I realized those were no revolutionaries, but part of an organized conspiracy to undermine the legitimacy of President Morsi. Then, at ten o’clock, I got hit by a stone in my fact. It cut my eyebrow and damaged the retina of my left eye. I was taken to hospital, where I underwent an eye operation’. In these violent crashes, the Brotherhood lost nine of its young members who came out unarmed to show support for the elected President Mohamed Morsi.From Suez, Yasser Ibrahim, 39-year-old engineer and MB member, married with 5 children, died after getting hit by a bullet in the face from close range in the Itehadia Palace clashes. From Sharqiya, 24-year-old Mahmoud Awad was also shot by thugs in front of Itehadia Palace Thursday, he was married with 1 two-year-old son. He had told his friends back home that he was going to Itehadia to support and defend the legitimacy of the elected President and the future of his children and their right to stability in the homeland.

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For a contrasting account by one of the anti-Morsai protestors, go here.

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