RECOMMENDED READING: “Ten Biggest Terror Finance News Stories Of 2012”


The Money Jihad blog has posted an article titled “Ten biggest terror finance news stories of 2012”, some of which was based on GMBDW reporting. The post begins:

1. Taliban funding remains intact despite international sanctions

Reports in 2012 revealed that the Taliban’s funding remains intact, that none of the Taliban’s assets have been blocked by U.S. sanctions, that the Taliban retains its taxing authority over Afghans, and that the UN sanctions only 18 percent of the Taliban’s provincial shadow governors in Afghanistan

2. Islamic charities remain top terror financiers

It’s questionable to even call this ‘news,’ but understanding the role of Muslim charities in funding jihad, of which we saw multiple examples throughout 2012, is the Rosetta stone to bankrupting terrorism. Instances of Muslim charities behaving badly cropped up, and in some cases have worsened, in both in the Middle East and in the West this year.In the Islamic world, the Saudi charitable foundation IIRO, whose branches in Indonesia and the Philippines were previously blacklisted by the U.S. for funding terrorism, is opening seven new branch offices. In Bangladesh, the chief of the terrorist organization Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) revealed that Muslim Aid, WAMY, the Muslim World League, the Qatari Charitable Society, and the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, are among the primary donors to his jihad. In Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba’s charitable front group used Ramadan this year as an opportunity to raise funds in public for its terrorist enterprises. We have also learned that Muslim Lebanese charities don’t just fund Hezbollah, but Hamas too.

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