Turkish Muslim Brotherhood Leader Heads Gaza Delegation


A Union of Good website is reporting that a Turkish legal delegation headed by a lawyer tied to the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood network has arrived in Gaza to “collect evidence on Israeli crimes.” According to the report:

A Turkish legal delegation, comprised of lawyers from the International Lawyers’ Association, has travelled to Gaza in order to collect evidence on Israeli crimes in Gaza. The delegation of 10 lawyers, including 7 Turks, 2 Egyptians and 1 Saudi Arabian, will hold talks and make observations in Gaza for two days. Secretary General of the International Lawyers’ Association, Necati Ceylan, is the head of the delegation. Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), the Dean of the Law Faculty at the Yeni Yuzyil University and a member of the AA Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Refik Korkusuz said Monday that the legal delegation arrived in Gaza to document Israel’s crimes and violations. ‘If sufficient and convincing evidence is found, we will begin legal procedures against those who have committed the crimes. We will prepare a detailed report on Gaza and submit it to relevant Turkish officials,’ Korkusuz said.”

A Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) report on the June 2010 Gaza flotilla incident identifies Necati Ceylan as the head of an organization known as the Türkiye Gönüllü Te?ekkülleri Vakf? (TGTV):

TGTV had been founded in December 1994 with the intent  of fostering ties among the Islamist NGOs within Turkey. The organization is known  to engage in a variety of activities, including publishing books and reports, holding  conferences, participating in demonstrations, and networking with foreign NGOs. TGTV  incorporates other members of the Turkish/MB network, including IHH, MÜS?AD,  and FIDDER, discussed later in this report, and cooperates with them in various  activities. Examples include humanitarian efforts with IHH in the 2006 Pakistani  earthquake, holding a press conference about Chechnya with IHH and MAZLUMDER  leaders in 2009, and staging a protest march against military coups together with  MAZLUMDER and IHH. Prior to 2006, the TGTV website appears to have made no  mention of Israel, until an article was posted at that time about an “Israeli Massacre.” Since then, the organization appears to have placed a growing emphasis on anti-Israeli  activities. Necati Ceylan has been the President of TGTV since 2007, replacing Necmi  Sad?ko?lu, currently the President of UNIW. Mr. Ceylan is an attorney and member  of the Hukukcular Dernegi (Lawyers Association). 

The JCPA report explains in detail the role of the TGTV and the other Turkish Muslim Brotherhood network organizations in the flotilla which led to a violent altercation with Israeli naval forces.

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