Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Circulate Widely In Egypt And UAE


The ADL blog has posted an article titled “UAE Official Links Israel and Jews To Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracies Via Twitter” that looks at the use of anti-Israel con­spir­acy the­o­ries and anti-Semitism in his Twit­ter cam­paign against the Mus­lim Brotherhood. The article begins:

‘…how fast you roman­ti­cized the Jews, couldn’t you wait a year at least… such a rush.’ Dubai Police Chief, Dahi Khal­fan, who is known for his pub­lic ani­mos­ity toward the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, is increas­ingly using anti-Israel con­spir­acy the­o­ries and anti-Semitism in his Twit­ter cam­paign against the Mus­lim Brotherhood. Khal­fan, who also holds the rank of Lieu­tenant Gen­eral and serves as a mem­ber of the Exec­u­tive Coun­cil of the Gov­ern­ment of Dubai, has over 300 thou­sand fol­low­ers on his Twit­ter account, which he devotes pri­mar­ily to crit­i­cism the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood. In his tweets, Khal­fan tries to dis­credit the Broth­er­hood by describ­ing nefar­i­ous alle­giance to Israel and Jews. The way Khal­fan uses these con­spir­acy the­o­ries demon­strates that no alle­ga­tion made against Jews and Israel is too absurd when it is used to stig­ma­tize and dis­credit oth­ers in Arab world.‘The Jewish-Muslim Broth­er­hood alliance and the project of estab­lish­ing Greater Israel.’ On Jan­u­ary 2, for exam­ple, Khal­fan Retweeted a link to a YouTube video titled ‘The Jewish-Muslim Broth­er­hood alliance and the project of estab­lish­ing Greater Israel.’ The video accuses the Jews of using the Broth­er­hood to achieve their goal of con­trol­ling Mus­lims and estab­lish­ing greater Israel. Sev­eral of Khalfan’s tweets from Jan­u­ary 4 attempt to dis­credit the Broth­er­hood by sug­gest­ing that the group cares too much about Jews. For example:

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Along similar lines, has posted an article titled “Muslim Brotherhood and Protesters Accuse Each Other of Working for the Jews” that looks at related conspiracy theories circulating in Egypt:

It wouldn’t be politics as usual in the Muslim world if both sides didn’t accuse each other of being tools of the vast international Zionist conspiracy. Because that’s just the way things are in the Golden Age of the Arab Spring. On the Muslim Brotherhood side, the Egyptian Prosecutor General is claiming that a member of the Black Bloc was caught with an Israeli plan to sabotage Egyptian oil companies. It’s not entirely clear whether there really is a Black Bloc, or whether the whole thing is a Muslim Brotherhood setup. In any case the Black Bloc is claiming that the man arrested was not a member of the Bloc. Israel is just, as usual, ignoring the whole thing, while watching Egypt turning into Turkey. On the opposition side, the protesters have widely circulated a theory that Obama is backing Morsi only because Morsi has promised to protect Israel. This doesn’t make much sense considering that Morsi is in bed with Hamas, and that nobody in Israel is feeling all that cheerful because a guy who talked about destroying Israel and nursing his children on hatred of the Jews is running the most powerful Arab country in the region.

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The anti-semitism of Egyptian President Morsi has also now been widely covered by the media. Morsi’s statements were first covered by the GMBDW in September when we reported that an organization known as Secure America Now had released an information packet titled “The Truth about Mohammed Morsi” which presented a fully sourced compendium of statements as well as other information about the Egyptian president.

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