Son Of Egyptian President Hired For Government Job At Exhorbitant Salary


The Associated Press is reporting that a son of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has been hired for a government job at an exorbitant salary unheard of for new graduates. According to the AP report:

Feb 15, 2013  Egypt’s aviation minister says the hiring of President Mohammed Morsi’s son to a highly-paid government job was justified, dismissing accusations of nepotism. Wael el-Maadawi told the state Mena news agency that Omar Morsi went through regular procedures before he was hired by the state holding company for airports and aviation. An airport official familiar with the appointment said yesterday that Omar, one of the president’s five children and a recent university graduate, got the internally-advertised job in a department that usually hires with a starting monthly salary of $5,000. Such a figure is unheard of for new graduates in Egypt, where the starting salary for a government job can be as low as $75. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorised to talk to the media.

A June 2012 Al-Arabiya report says Omar Morsi graduated with a degree in Commerce. In February 2011, Egyptian media reported that Ahmed Morsi and Omar Morsi were released from police custody following their arrest after an altercation with police at a traffic checkpoint in the Delta town Zaqazeeq. The two had a verbal argument with the traffic officer and the two parties accused each other assaulting one another.

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