Coalition Of Aid Groups Protesting Israeli Home Demolitions Includes Global Muslim Brotherhood


A Union of Good website is reporting that thirty-six international charities and human rights groups have released a statement calling for an immediate end to the demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. According to a Humanity Voice report:

Thirty-six international charities and human rights groups on Wednesday released a statement calling for an immediate end to the demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and East Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The groups — among them Amnesty International, Oxfam and Save the Children — co-signed a statement denouncing Israeli house demolitions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

‘Since the resumption of the peace process in July, Israel has destroyed 207 Palestinian homes and property in the occupied West Bank, displacing 311 Palestinians, over half of whom are children,’ a statement from the Association of International Development Agencies said.

‘These demolitions, in areas under Israeli control, have driven Palestinian families from their communities and their land, increasing poverty and the need for humanitarian assistance.’

House demolitions are often carried out to facilitate the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and the destruction of civilian property is a violation of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, AIDA added.

The list of groups includes well known Western organizations such as Amnesty International, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Human Rights Watch (HRW), and the Carter Center. This list also includes three groups tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood: 

  • ICCO
  • Islamic Relief World Wide
  • Secours Islamique France

The ICCO is likely the International Islamic Charitable Organization which has Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi as a long time member of the board and which has many members and officers tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood as well as one member designated by the US in connection with Al Qaeda fundraising. The IICO is strongly connected with Hamas fundraising.

Islamic Relief Worldwide was one of the founding members of the Union of Good, a coalition of Islamic charities that provides financial support to both the Hamas ‘social’ infrastructure, as well as its terrorist activities and has many ties to the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

Secours Islamique France is the French partner organization of Islamic Relief Worldwide and serves as the charity arm of the Union des Organisations Islamiques de France (UOIF) , widely regarded as representing the Muslim Brotherhood in France.

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