Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Loses Control Of Doctor’s Syndicate For First Time In 28 Years


In the latest blow to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian media is reporting that the Brotherhood has lost control of the Doctor’s Syndicate for the first time in 28 years. According to a Daily News Egypt report:

3543827_370Independent Movement candidates took 11 of 12 possible seats of the Doctor’s Syndicate board during midterm elections on Friday, a body traditionally dominated by Muslim Brotherhood members.

After the recent elections, the board of 25 seats is now comprised of 15 members from the Independent Movement and nine from the Muslim Brotherhood, with one seat reserved for counsel president Dr. Khairy Abdel Dayem.  This marks the first time in 28 years that the Islamists have not held a majority on the Doctor’s Syndicate’s board.

Previous to the Friday election, the board was dominated by 20 Muslim Brotherhood members, while only four were from the Independent Movement.

Syndicate member Dr Samia Sabry, who voted for an Independent Movement candidate in Cairo, said the elections were politically motivated, and credited a high voter turnout for the Independents’ win.

‘The change happened because [in the past]none of us really cared to go vote in the syndicate elections,’ said Sabry.  He added that such a shift is happening in other professional syndicates, too.  ‘People have started feeling the importance of the political life, when before we didn’t think we had any chances.’

‘Even with the very bad weather, we all went out to vote.  In Cairo it was a 100 percent turnout.’

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