Wagdy Ghoneim Says Secularists In Tunisia Are “Filthy and Stinking”


Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader Rachid Ghannouchi and his Ennahda Party have offered to work with the secularist parties following the defeat of Ennahda in the recent parliamentary elections. However, Egyptian cleric and Muslim Brotherhood figure Wagdy Ghoneim seems less than impressed, chastising Mr. Ghannouchi and describing the Tunisian secularists as “the filthiest and most stinking secularists I’ve ever seen.” According to an address recently posted on the Internet:

Wagdy Ghoneim
Wagdy Ghoneim

October 29, 2014  Clip No. 4581 Exiled Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Criticizes Ghannouchi: Tunisian Secularists Are the Filthiest I’ve Seen

Egyptian cleric in exile Wagdi Ghoneim recently criticized Rachid Ghannouchi, founder of the Ennahda movement in Tunisia, saying that he preferred infidels to Islam. He further said: ‘The secularists in Tunisia are the filthiest and most stinking secularists I’ve ever seen.’ The address was posted on the Internet on October 29, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Wagdi Ghoneim: Tunisia is where the Arab Spring began. We do not deny that they deserve credit for this. But wasn’t El-Sebsi, founder of the Nidaa Tounis party, a pillar of the former [Ben Ali] regime? How could someone like that have presented his candidacy? How could someone like that have presented his candidacy? Are we all idiots, or what?


Let me say to all those who beat the drums of democracy: Democracy is based upon ten principles, each of which is heresy. This was the subject of my Ph.D.

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The GMBDW reported last month that Wagdy Ghoneim and two other leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had arrived in Istanbul following their departure from Qatar. The GMBDW also reported that Ghoneim, known for his long history of extremist statements, had posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he call Western action against ISIS “a Crusader war” and calls the late Osama Bin Laden the  “martyred heroic mujahid, Bin Laden.”

Wagdy Ghoneim is an Egyptian cleric known for his anti-Semitic speeches. In January 2005, Mr. Ghoneim agreed to be voluntarily deported from the U.S. based upon Department of Homeland Security concerns that his past speeches and participation in fund-raising activities could be supportive of terrorist organizations.

For a profile on Wagdy Ghoneim, go here.

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