EDITOR’S NOTICE: Announcing The Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center


logo-gmb11.pngWe are pleased to announce the public launch of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center (GMBRC), created as a companion site to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch (GMBDW). While the GMBDW monitors the the daily activities of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, the GMBRC will provide the information needed to understand the larger context of those activities. Accordingly, GMBRC pages provide an overall history and explanation of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, investigative research reports prepared by the GMBRC Director, additional research and analysis in the form of recommended readings, and other relevant information. As an additional incentive for checking out the GMBRC site, we have added a report on the Muslim Brotherhood in Ireland. (Although that report was finished in 2009, it was never previously published and so it appears publicly on the GMBDRC for the first time with information that is still relevant.) We do expect to be adding additional reports as time goes by so if you wish to be notified about new additions to the site, there is an email subscription form located at the bottom of the GMBDRC home page. We hope that all GMBDW readers will take a look at the new site and we welcome any comments or feedback by way of the contact form. We especially encourage readers to send notice of the site to any parties wishing background information and/or context concerning the Global Muslim Brotherhood, a topic which for the most part is still not well or widely understood.

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