ARABIC MEDIA: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Declares State Of Emergency Over Leaders’ Death Sentences; Brotherhood Representatives To Travel To Europe And The US To Plead Case


Arabic media is reporting that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has declared a state of emergency following the death sentences imposed on Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 13 other leaders. According to a GMBDW translated summary of an  Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper report, the Brotherhood will undertake a series of measures including sending representatives to the US and Europe to plead their case:

TRANSLATED SUMMARY April 13, 2105 The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has declared a state of emergency, following the death sentence announced on Saturday on 14 of its leaders, including the General-Guide Mohamed Badie, and the imprisonment of 37 other leaders. Amr Darrag and Yahya Hamid, who both served as ministers in the Muslim Brotherhood’s government, spoke with Turkish and Qatari officials and asked them to intervene and ease the verdict. In addition, Mahmoud Hussein, the Brotherhood’s Secretary-General is expected to meet with the Turkish President Erdogan soon, to ask him take urgent steps in the international arena on the subject. Furthermore, the Brotherhood also commissioned two members in charge of its international relations — Mohamed Sudan and Abdel Maugoud al-Dardiri — to travel to Europe and the United States and meet with politicians and human rights organizations and ask them to put pressure on Egypt before the execution of the verdicts.

The GMBDW reported yesterday on the death sentences imposed on Dr. Badie and the thirteen others including the notorious anti-Semitic cleric Salah Sultan.

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