Deposed Egyptian President Accuses Authorities Of Attempted Posioning


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website is reporting that according to the son of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, his father suspects the Egyptian authorities of trying to poison him with prison food. The Ikhwanweb report follows:

August 8, 2015 Osama Morsi, President Mohamed Morsi’s eldest son, said there are procedures and actions in prison that imperil his father’s life.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Morsi’s son said: “In court today (Saturday), President Mohamed Morsi said he was given food that could have caused a crime against him had he eaten it. He further said that he suffered a major shift in treatment inside the prison, and that he suffers dangerously low blood sugar every evening, because he avoids eating food almost completely, due to his suspicions about the food provided by the prison administration. He also mentioned several other procedures and actions that endanger his life”.

Earlier on Saturday, during his trial on political trumped up charges of spying for Qatar, President Mohamed Morsi said he “refused to eat food that would’ve led to a crime being committed” against him.

President Morsi also said that “five different actions occurred to him in prison that were meant to perpetrate a crime against him”.

The GMBDW reported in June that an Egyptian court has sentenced more than 90 Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members to death in connection with the 2011 mass jailbreak at the center of previous court rulings. According to the report, this sentence included the deposed President Mohamed Morsi, Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, and Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi sentenced in absentia. At that time, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website issued a statement condemning what it called the “final verdict” against Dr. Morsi and the others.

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