Arabic Media: Youth Event Focused On Jerusalem Held In Spain; Sponsors Tied To Global Muslim Brotherhood


Arabic media is reporting on an event called the Youth Gathering for Al-Quds [Jerusalem] which took place in Valencia, Spain between 14-19 August and organized by the European Assembly for Al-Quds in participation with The Youth Association for Al-Quds. Perhaps the most important speaker listed in the event’s closing statement was Majed Al-Zeer, the Director-General of the Palestinian Return Centre, a part of the UK Hamas support infrastructure and that is close to the Global Muslim Brotherhood. Other speakers of note included Raed Fathi, said by knowledgable sources to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine (Islamic Movement) and Dima Tahbub likely a spokesperson for the Islamic Action Front, part of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood.

According to a GMBDW translation of the closing statement from the event:

  • It was decided to open new branches of the European Assembly for Al-Quds in all European cities.
  • This gathering is planned to be held on an annual basis.
  • Further efforts will will take place to encourage European youth to become involved in the Palestinian cause in genera  and the issues of Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular;
  • The participants called on EU officials to place Al-Quds at the heart of its humanitarian efforts and view it in terms of justice and freedom
The “Youth Gathering for Al-Quds” was first announced in early June, when it was reported that the European Assembly for Al-Quds had initiated the event with the participation of The Youth Association for Al-Quds in order to introduce young people to the cause of Al-Quds, its Islamic monuments and “the reality of living under occupation.” It was also reported that Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Suwaidan was scheduled to participate in the Assembly.
The Facebook page for the European Assembly for Al-Quds maintains a Facebook page which lists the website of the Palestinians in Europe Conference as the organization’s website. As long reported by the GMBDW, the Palestinians in Europe Conferences are sponsored mainly by the Palestinian Return Centre and serve as an annual gathering for major leaders of the Global Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas.

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