BREAKING NEWS: UK Government Report On Muslim Brotherhood Validates All Key GMBDW Posiitons


The results of the UK investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood, commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron, has been released at long last and is very far from a vindication of the Muslim Brotherhood as the Brotherhood has claimed. In fact, the report serves to validate almost everything the GMBDW has been saying about the Muslim Brotherhood since the inception of the publication. The International Business Times has just published an editorial on the UK report authored by the GMBDW Editor which begins as follows:

December 17, For over 14 years I have been engaged in documenting and writing about what I came to call the Global Muslim Brotherhood, which I have defined as a global network developed by Muslim Brothers (Ikhwan) who fled their home countries and settled in Europe and the United States where they went on to found what has become some of the most prominent Islamic organizations in their new home countries.

On more than one occasion, critics have labelled this conspiracy theory thinking and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood once famously called the idea ‘a Hollywood Fiction’. The release of Britain’s Jenkins report on the Muslim Brotherhood on December 17 is, for me at least, a complete vindication in describing how Europe became an important base for the “growing Muslim Brotherhood global network.”

Beyond that acknowledgment, the UK report also supports what I have also tried for years to document, that the Global Muslim Brotherhood has “a highly problematic relationship to violence and is prepared to countenance violence – including, from time to time, terrorism – where gradualism is ineffective.”

The reality is actually far worse, as a forthcoming report that I have authored will demonstrate how important Global Muslim Brotherhood leaders from around the world, including the UK, have sat down at the table in an organization that is led by and includes individuals designated by Western governments as terrorist and terrorist financiers. That same organization has made it abundantly clear that it considers ‘The West’ to be the primary enemy of the Islamic world.

Further confirming what I have struggled to get acknowledged is that Muslim Brotherhood groups in the UK are connected to a wider network of Global Muslim Brotherhood organizations. The report identifies the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) as part of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) and concurs with what I wrote in 2008, that FIOE represents the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.

Read the rest here.

We last reported on the UK investigation in March when its findings were said to have been postponed. At that time we wrote:

Although the Financial Times and other UK media are reporting that the the UK investigation will not designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, the GMBDW is forced to conclude that any failure to so designate the Muslim Brotherhood represents a political decision and not a decision based on the available evidence.

Although the UK report did not in fact designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, it did go further than any other Western government by noting the Brotherhood’s “highly problematic relationship to violence” and it willingness to “countenance violence – including, from time to time, terrorism – where gradualism is ineffective.” The GMBDW commends the UK government for its courageous and principled stand and, as the GMBDW editor noted in the above editorial, we are heartened that our long-standing battle to gain recognition for these issues has finally been confirmed.

For the UK report, go here.

For David Cameron’s statement on the report, go here.

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