Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Gets 10 Years In Prison From Military Court


Media in India is reporting that an Egyptian military court has sentenced former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie to 10 years in prison. According to the New Indian Express report, cleric Safwat Hegazy and Brotherhood senior figure Mohamed el-Beltagi were also sentenced to 10 years:

December 2015 Cairo: An Egyptian military court today sentenced the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme leader Mohamed Badie and two other senior figures to 10 years in prison for violent acts in the canal city of Suez in 2013.

The verdict is the first military sentence handed down to 72-year-old Badie, officials said. Senior leaders Mohamed el-Beltagi and Safwat Hegazy were also sentenced to 10 years each.

The court also sentenced 90 Brotherhood members to life in prison in the case. 56 others received from 3 to 7 years, while 50 defendants were acquitted.

The defendants were charged for inciting violence, damaging public and private properties and incitement to murder, killing of 33 persons and committing violent acts in Suez in 2013 following dispersal of protest sit-ins organised by supporters of Egypt’s ousted Islamist ex president Mohamed Morsi by the army which left several dead.

Since Morsi’s ouster, the Egyptian military government has been cracking down on the Brotherhood and its supporters, which left thousands in jail, and hundreds facing trials on a variety of charges.

Morsi himself along with Badie and 100 other leaders were sentenced to death in June for escaping from prison in 2011.

Badie and Morsi were also sentenced to life in prison in the espionage case. Their sentences are currently in appeal.

Earlier this month, the GMBDW reported that Egypt’s top court had ordered a retrial of former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie who had been earlier sentenced to death in connection with a mass outbreak from a Cairo prison following the deposition of then President Mohamed Morsi.

In September 2014, we reported that  a Cairo court had sentenced the notorious Egyptian cleric Safwat Hegazy to 20 years in jail on charges of torture and leading a terrorist group. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood political leader Mohamed el-Beltagy also reportedly received the same sentence.

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(Note: Given the large number of trials and sentences in these cases, the GMBDWis doing our best to report on them but be cannot guarantee the accuracy of any given report.)

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