UK Mosque First Highlighted By The GMBDW Appoints Convicted Criminal As Trustee


UK media is reporting that a Sheffield mosque, in 2017 the subject of another media reported based on the work of the GMBDW, has appointed as trustee a convicted criminal who sold mobile phones stolen from teenagers. According to a report by The Telegraph:

September 30, 2018 A controversial new Islamic centre responsible for the care and education of children as young as five has appointed to a key position a convicted criminal who sold mobile phones stolen from teenagers.

The Emaan Islamic Centre in Sheffield includes among its trustees a shopkeeper who was handed an 18 month suspended sentence in 2016 after pleading guilty to five counts of handling stolen goods.

Aiman Mohammed Saeed, 51, was caught in a police sting operation selling phones stolen in street robberies and from nightclubs in the city.

A court heard how Saeed, who runs an electrical goods shop called Yem Tech was caught on camera selling stolen iPhones to undercover officers and asking them to steal Xboxes and PS4 games for his business.

The stolen phones in his possession included one snatched from a 16-year-old girl by two men in a street robbery.

But at the time he committed the offences Saeed was a trustee of the ambitious Emaan mosque and Islamic centre project in Sheffield.

Aiman Saeed posing outside a mock-up of No 10 Downing Street at Madame Tussauds CREDIT: FACEBOOK The centre, overlooking the city’s industrial Don Valley, boasts that it will “promote and teach Islamic morals and values to new Muslim generations”.

But in court Saeed was described by the prosecution as a Fagin-like figure who encouraged “people to steal things so he could sell them in the shop”, then called A&E Satellites.

On top of his 18 month suspended sentence he was ordered to pay compensation to seven people whose stolen phones were found in his possession and to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

Saeed, who is a Yemeni national, has been an officer of Emaan Trust since January 2009.

The Emaan Islamic Centre faced criticism last year after The Telegraph revealed that plans for its construction were being overseen by a cleric reported to be a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

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In June 2017, the GMBDW reported that the Telegraph had published an article based on a Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center report. The Telegraph article was titled “Anti-Semite And A Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Behind New UK Mosque” and began:

June 3, 2007 Plans for a new mosque in Britain have been overseen by a cleric reported to be a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and a Kuwaiti official who claims Jews orchestrated the September 11 attacks, the Telegraph can disclose.

Khalid Al-Mathkour, chairman of Kuwait’s sharia council, and Essam Al-Fulaij, a Kuwaiti government figure who has repeatedly issued anti-Semitic diatribes, are listed as trustees of a UK-registered charity building a mosque in Sheffield. They have helped channel almost £500,000 into the project from Kuwait.

Another £400,000 has been donated to the charity, the Emaan Trust, by a Qatari organisation.

The Emaan Trust, of which Dr Al-Mathkour is honorary chairman, has already set up an evening school for children in the city and says the new place of worship will “promote and teach Islamic morals and values to new Muslim generations.”

It said Dr Al-Fulaij’s role as director and trustee had ceased as a result of the Telegraph’s findings.

The involvement of the two men with the mosque is highlighted in a report by Steven Merley, a former private investigator whose Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center tracks the operations of the worldwide network.

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The GMBRC report cited in the earlier Telegraph article is currently unpublished but details a much wider look at the role of Qatar Charity UK in funding Global Muslim Brotherhood projects around Europe. The key findings of that report include:

  • Qatar Charity (QCUK) was established ostensibly because of a need to supervise growing QC projects in the UK & Europe
  • From its inception, QCUK has had strong ties to the UK and European Muslim Brotherhood and most of the known QCUK expenditures are being directed to Muslim Brotherhood-related projects in the UK and Europe.
  • The Sheffield, UK mosque complex being constructed by the Emaan Trust with the support of QCUK appears to be the latest in a series of attempts involving the Europe Trust and/or Europe Trust officials to build large Islamic facilities in European cities controlled by the Global Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The Emaan Trust Sheffield project appears to be focused on providing facilities for the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood in the UK and centers on UK converts to Islam.
  • Most of the Emaan Trust officers have problematic ties to the UK and/or Global Muslim Brotherhood, Islamism, and/or extremism and terrorism.
With respect to the role of the Europe Trust, it should be noted that one of the Emaan Trust trustees is Ahmed Al-Rawi, a 69-year-old British national who is best known as the former President of both the Federation Of Islamic Organizations In Europe (FIOE) and  the Muslim Association Of Britain (MAB), both tied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Al-Rawi is currently the Executive Director of the Trust which has long been involved in funding Islamic mega-centers in Europe and was featured in another UK media piece crediting GMBRC work.

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