GMBDW In The Media: Qatar Charity Funds New UK Mosque With Muslim Brotherhood Ties


The UK Daily Telegraph has published an article based on a Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center report. The Telegraph article is titled “Anti-Semite And A Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Behind New UK Mosque.” and begins:

June 3, 2007 Plans for a new mosque in Britain have been overseen by a cleric reported to be a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and a Kuwaiti official who claims Jews orchestrated the September 11 attacks, the Telegraph can disclose.

Khalid Al-Mathkour, chairman of Kuwait’s sharia council, and Essam Al-Fulaij, a Kuwaiti government figure who has repeatedly issued anti-Semitic diatribes, are listed as trustees of a UK-registered charity building a mosque in Sheffield. They have helped channel almost £500,000 into the project from Kuwait.

Another £400,000 has been donated to the charity, the Emaan Trust, by a Qatari organisation.

The Emaan Trust, of which Dr Al-Mathkour is honorary chairman, has already set up an evening school for children in the city and says the new place of worship will “promote and teach Islamic morals and values to new Muslim generations.”

It said Dr Al-Fulaij’s role as director and trustee had ceased as a result of the Telegraph’s findings.

The involvement of the two men with the mosque is highlighted in a report by Steven Merley, a former private investigator whose Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center tracks the operations of the worldwide network.

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The GMBRC report cited in the Telegraph article is currently unpublished but details a much wider look at the role of Qatar Charity UK in funding Global Muslim Brotherhood projects around Europe. The key findings of that report include:

  • Qatar Charity (QCUK) was established ostensibly because of a need to supervise growing QC projects in the UK & Europe
  • From its inception, QCUK has had strong ties to the UK and European Muslim Brotherhood and most of the known QCUK expenditures are being directed to Muslim Brotherhood-related projects in the UK and Europe.
  • The Sheffield, UK mosque complex being constructed by the Emaan Trust with the support of QCUK appears to be the latest in a series of attempts involving the Europe Trust and/or Europe Trust officials to build large Islamic facilities in European cities controlled by the Global Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The Emaan Trust Sheffield project appears to be focused on providing facilities for the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood in the UK and centers on UK converts to Islam.
  • Most of the Emaan Trust officers have problematic ties to the UK and/or Global Muslim Brotherhood, Islamism, and/or extremism and terrorism.
With respect to the role of the Europe Trust, it should be noted that one of the Emaan Trust trustees is Ahmed Al-Rawi, a 69-year-old British national who is best known as the former President of both the Federation Of Islamic Organizations In Europe (FIOE) and  the Muslim Association Of Britain (MAB), both tied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Al-Rawi is currently the Executive Director of the Trust which has long been involved in funding Islamic mega-centers in Europe and was featured in another UK media piece crediting GMBRC work.
Another Emaan trustee is Mutlaq Al-Qarawi, a 64-year-old Kuwaiti national who is known to have been an official of the Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs in Kuwait.  Al-Qarawi has attracted substantial media attention in the Netherlands in connection with his role in the Blauwe Moskee In Slotervaart (Blue Mosque in Slotervaart), a mosque and cultural center in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, the Netherlands. The Europe Trust Nederland, the Dutch branch of the Europe Trust, put down the original 400,00 Euro down payment for the mosque and the official contract was signed in 2008 the presence of Ahmed Al-Rawi.
With respect to the potential terror connections of the two Emaan Trust officers identified in the Telegraph report, in 2005 the Kuwait News Agency reported that an Issam Al-Fulaj was head of the Kuwaiti Joint Relief Committee. In June 2008, the US Treasury Department identified the Kuwaiti Joint Relief Committee, Bosnia And Herzegovina as one of the identifiers for the Kuwait-based Revival Of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS) designated for providing financial and material support to Al Qaida and Al Qaida affiliates as well as for providing financial support for acts of terrorism.
In addition, in April 2017 the website of the International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO) listed Khalid Madhkour Bin A. Almadhkour as a member of its General Assembly. The ICCO is headquartered in Kuwait and describes itself as “independent non-political organization which offers “a wide range of pure humanitarian services.” The IICO has listed branches in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Central Asia and has listed Qatar Charity and several UN organizations as “International Partners.” Other listed ICCO partners as of 2105 included notably:
Also listed as an ICCO partner is the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society.
In June 2015, the GMBDW reported on the establishment of the first Islamic center in Luxembourg financed largely by Qatar Charity. We reported in January 2015 on several workshops in Gaza and the West Bank initiated by the Qatar Charity in preparation for an international humanitarian summit planned in Istanbul during 2016. As noted in that post, Qatar Charity is part of the UK-based Humanitarian Forum whose Muslim member organizations are all part of the Global Muslim Brotherhood and/or close to Iran. In September 2014, we reported on the launch of a 1 billion campaign ostensibly for the rebuilding of the Gaza strip initiated by a new organization headed by a well known UK Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood figure. The launch event was held in Istanbul and sponsored by Qatar Charity. In addition, Qatar Charity has been known to have been part of the Union of Good, the coalition of charities raising money for Hamas, as well as being a member of the Cairo-based International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief, (IICDR), as noted above an umbrella group for 86 Islamic organizations, many of which are associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas fundraising, or support for Al Qaeda.
As we write, it is being reported that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, partly over the country’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood and ties to terrorism.

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