EDITOR’S NOTICE: GMBDW Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary


As of today, the GMBDW turns ten-years old having first posted on June 15, 2007 under it’s original name the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report. At the time, we certainly had no idea what this publication would become or how long it would last, having started more or less as an informal means to disseminate open-source intelligence on the Global Muslim Brotherhood to a few interested parties. Since that time, we believe the GMBDW has been instrumental in advancing the understanding that the Muslim Brotherhood today is a global network whose scope and importance extend far beyond the Egyptian “mother organization.” We also could not have foretold that the GMBDW would be instrumental in, among other things:

  • Exposing the Global Muslim Brotherhood ties and deceptions of Rashad Hussain, a key Obama White House official.
  • First reporting on the Islamist family ties of Huma Abedin, a key aid to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • First reporting on Gehad El-Haddad, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader that worked for the Clinton Foundation in Cairo.
  • Being cited by the UK Times newspaper for assisting into an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood finances in the UK.
  • Being credited by the UK Telegraph for a report exposing Qatar Charity funding of a mosque project with extremist ties.

We are certainly not the largest publication by readership reporting on the Brotherhood but we like to think that it is our balanced, non-partisan, evidence-based approach that separates us from the other, shriller voices in this arena. We also know that we are widely read by governments and security agencies around the world and that Internet searches often reveal that the GMBDW has been the only source in a wide variety of areas concerning the GMB.

We cannot promise another ten years but as long as the GMBDW remains in operation, we will continue to bring you the best in open-source intelligence on the daily doings of the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

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