1. May 08, 2016

    Muslim Council of Britain Congratulates London Mayor Elect; Claims Sadiq Khan Was Linked To Extremists Because He Is Muslim

    ... terrorist organization for funding Hamas) Daud Abdullah... More Daily

  2. Apr 26, 2016

    London Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan Once Shared Platform With UK Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Figures; We Warned You in 2010

    ... funding Hamas) Daud Abdullah (former Deputy... More Daily

  3. Jan 21, 2016

    European Hamas Support Group Announces Lobbying And Advocacy Course In Rotterdam

    ... theannouncement, the event included: Zaher Birawi Daud... Abdullah,former Deputy Secretary-General of the... More Daily

  4. Jul 22, 2015

    FEATURED: Spinwatch Attack Critics Of Palestinian Return Centre; Pot Calls The Kettle Black

    ... Monitor (led by Daud Abdullah, former deputy secretary... More Daily, Featured

  5. Mar 12, 2015

    Two UK Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Join Other Extremists In Letter Claiming Demonization Of Muslims In Britain

    ... funding of Hamas. Also signing was Daud Abdullah... More Daily

  6. Feb 22, 2015

    UK's First Muslim Female Peer Accepted Funds From UK Muslim Brotherhood; Baroness Udin Also Questioned UAE Terror List

    ..., including Azzam Tamimiand Daud Abdullah.   ... More Daily

  7. Feb 17, 2015

    UK Islam And Democracy Conference Features Global Muslim Brotherhood Leaders And UK Allies

    ... (UKMuslim Brotherhood and Hamas spokesman) Daud Abdullah... More Daily

  8. Jun 02, 2014

    UK Muslim Brotherhood Publishes Letter On Government's Muslim Brotherhood Inquiry

    ...) Daud Abdullah (British Muslim Initiative) Zaher... More Daily

  9. Jan 25, 2012

    U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Forms Yet Another Coalition; Latest Effort To Investigate U.K. Media

    ... Britain Dr Daud Abdullah Middle East Monitor... asMohamed Ali Harrath, Daud Abdullah, and Lindsey... More Daily

  10. May 18, 2011

    U.K Muslim Brotherhood To Hold Islamophobia Conference

    ... Brotherhood Dr Daud Abdullah British Muslim... More Daily