U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Forms Yet Another Coalition; Latest Effort To Investigate U.K. Media


One of the most ubiquitous tactics of the Global Muslim Brotherhood is the establishment of a dizzying number of organizations and initiatives and which create the impression of broad based support when, in reality, the sponsors are the same individuals and groups whose leaders have not changed in many years. In yet another example of this tactic, U.K media has reported on the formation of the “alternative Leveson inquiry” which is purporting to “investigate the way in which British media report on Muslim and Islamic affairs.” According to a report in The Guardian and based on information from the Islam Channel:

An “alternative Leveson inquiry” is being set up by an Islamic TV channel in order to investigate the way in which British media report on Muslim and Islamic affairs. The Islam Channel is planning to appoint a judge with an independent panel of assessors – just like Leveson – to carry out the inquiry. Its springboard was a public opinion poll which found that people believe the media are responsible for “whipping up a climate of fear of Islam in the UK.” The poll, by ComRes, was published in July, the month in which the Leveson inquiry was instituted. According to its findings, people are twice as likely to say the media is to blame for Islamophobia (29%) than far-right groups (13%), or Muslims themselves, whether abroad (14%) or in the UK (11%). The Alternative Leveson will examine the possible causal effect between media coverage and social attitudes towards Muslims. It will also assess any links between media coverage and subsequent government policy. It will ask editors and journalists to give evidence along with people who believe they have been victims of prejudiced media coverage. One reporter who might well be asked to appear is Richard Peppiatt who told the Leveson inquiry that his former paper, the Daily Star, published anti-Muslim propaganda. An initial meeting to discuss the establishment of a panel will be held on Monday afternoon at the Islam channel’s headquarters in the City of London . The channel, launched in 2004 is broadcast in English by satellite (channel 813) and broadcasts across Europe, the Middle East and north Africa. It is owned by Mohamed Ali Harrath, a refugee from Tunisia who, following the Arab spring, returned to his country for a visit in February after 21 years in exile.

A post from 2008 reported on an annual event sponsored by the Islam Channel known as the “Global Peace & Unity Event” and which featured one of the leaders of an obscure Jewish organization which calls for the destruction of Israel as well as many prominent leaders of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood. As noted in that post, the Islam Channel is a U.K. media company which frequently promotes the works of individuals associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood. The CEO of Islam Channel and director of the event is Mohamed Ali Harrath who had previously been wanted by Interpol on charges of terrorism in Tunisia. The Interpol notice has since been removed.

A letter to the further identifies “Supporters of the The Alternative Leveson inquiry” of which virtually all the Islamic signatories represent organizations comprising the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood or which act in close concert with the U.K. Brotherhood:

  • Mohamed Ali Harrath Islam Channel
  • Massoud Shadjareh Islamic Human Rights Commission

The remainder of the list includes mostly individuals representing far-left and/or Palestinian organizations that act in concert with the U.K Muslim Brotherhood or who themselves act in such a manner. Examples include:

  • Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • John Rees Counterfire
  • Sarah Colborne Director, Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Asa Winstanley The Electronic Intifada
  • Lindsey German Stop The War Coalition

A post from May 2011 reported on a conference titled “Confronting anti-Muslim hatred in Britain and Europe” that included some of the same people and organizations identified above such as Mohamed Ali Harrath, Daud Abdullah, and Lindsey German. That conference was sponsored by the “Enough Coalition”, also comprised of many of the same groups identified above.

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