RECOMMENDED READING: “Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Articles on Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Website”


MEMRI has posted an article titled “Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Articles on Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Website” which discusses articles posted on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website with anti-Semitic motifs, both before and during the revolution. The introduction of the MEMRI report states:

The website of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt,, contains articles with antisemitic motifs, including Holocaust denial and descriptions of the “Jewish character” as covetous, exploitative, and a source of evil in human society. While articles of this tenor have been posted on the site in the past, their posting has recently taken on greater importance in light of the group’s increasing strength following the ouster of the Mubarak regime, as reflected by the results of the recent parliamentary elections.In addition to antisemitic content, articles on the site also include praise for jihad and martyrdom, and condemnation of negotiation as a means of regaining Islamic lands. Among these are articles calling to kill Zionists and praising the September 9, 2011 attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo – which one article called a landmark of the Egyptian revolution. Some senior officials in the MB’s Freedom and Justice party published articles on the site expressing reservations regarding the peace agreement with Israel and insisting that Egypt was entitled to amend it.[1] Such statements contradict assurances by Freedom and Justice party head Dr. Muhammad Mursi to senior U.S. officials that the MB would honor all international agreements signed by Egypt.[2]This paper will present excerpts of articles posted on the MB site, dated both before and after the revolution.

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The GMBDW has done numerous posts dealing with the anti-Semitism that is pervasive through the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

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