Jimmy Carter Visits Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood HQ; Criticizes Israeli Settlements


Al Jazeera has reported further details on the visit by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter to Egypt including a visit to the headquarters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. The following summary of the Arabic language article was provided by Muslim World News:

Jimmy Carter also went to visit the MB leadership (pictured). Present were Badie, Khayrat Al-Shater and other members of the Guidance Bureau. Carter acknowledged his failure in stopping Israeli settlements while serving as US President, and said Israel does not respect the Palestinians rights;  Carter hopes that the new Egyptian governent will be more interested in the issue than the previous one, something that will provide a ‘wider horizon’ for peace between Israel and its neighbors. Badie said he hopes that US policy will change to respect the will of the people, and called the US to change its automatic support in Israel and “take a realistic and just approach, instead of candied words, if it wishes to change the feelings of people, who are full of hatred against its successive governments”.

An earlier post discussed on comments by Carter during his Egyptian visit in which he said he and the U.S. government had “no problem” with Islamists coming to power.

Another earlier post discussed conferences involving the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood that were financially supported by PaL-Tech, Inc., a Virginia consulting company that provides training services to U.S. Government locations around the world. PaL-Tech is headed by Omar Kader who is described by an online biography as first-generation Palestinian-American who was associated with Jimmy Carter as an election monitor overseas and who has served as the Executive Director of two major Arab-American organizations. Mr. Kader is also a board member of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID), associated with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and which has long argued that that the U.S. government should support Islamist movements in foreign countries. CSID has received financial support from the U.S. State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy and the United States Institute of Peace.


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