UK Islam And Democracy Conference Features Global Muslim Brotherhood Leaders And UK Allies


The UK Cordoba Foundation has announced a conference titled “Islam And Democracy” that was scheduled to have been held last week. According the conference announcement:

NATIONAL CONFERENCE   ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY: Exploring the Strategies of Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Contribution

On the back of a trending upsurge in interest and critique of political Islam following the Arab Spring, and particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, this timely conference seeks to unpick the nature and manifestation of political Islam in Britain today. The conference will principally explore whether the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is congruent with the values and principles of democracy; the orientation of the Brotherhood towards violence, extremism and radicalisation in Britain and abroad; the repressive measures targeting the group globally, and the increasing pressure placed on the political space by more extremist actors such as al-Qa’ida and ISIS.

The Cordoba Foundation is headed by Anas Altikriti, the son of Osama Al-Tikriti one of the leaders of the Iraqi Islamic Party representing the Muslim Brotherhood in that country. Anas Altikriti was recently identified in an Arabic-language news report as a senior member of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to Anas Altikriti, the following individuals were scheduled to participate and represent a wide range of leaders in the Global Muslim Brotherhood and their allies in the UK:

  • John Esposito – Georgetown University (well known supporter of the Global Muslim Brotherhood)
  • Yasin Aktay – Deputy Chairman, AK Party Turkey
  • Jeremy Corbyn – MP for Islington North, London (long ally of the Muslim Brotherhood in the K)
  • Maha Azzam – Egyptians Abroad for Democracy (spokeswoman Egyptian Revolutionary Council)
  • Mona al-Qazzaz -Freedom and Justice Party, Muslim Brotherhood (UK spokesperson)
  • Baroness Jenny Tonge (longtime ally of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK)
  • David Hearst – Middle East Eye (tied to Muslim Brotherhood (tied to UK Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera)

The GMBDW notes that the conference description represents a highly relevant and concise description of how the Global Muslim Brotherhood wishes to be perceived in the current political climate- as a force for democracy being “repressed” around the world and as a “moderate” counterpart to groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. We also note the seemingly increasing willingness of GMB organizations to openly feature members of the Egyptian Brotherhood.

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