Global Muslim Brotherhood Groups Included In Indian Probe Of Ngos Supporting Terrorism


An Indian news source is reporting that the Indian government will be undertaking a probe of 188 NGO’s said to have been “funding extremism, stage managing protests or indulging in conversions.” According to the OneIndia report:

New Delhi, Feb 4: The Indian government has decided that that media hypocrisy or unwarranted pressure is not going to bog down the probe against the NGO’s which have been funding extremism, stage managing protests or indulging in conversions. The list of 188 NGOs, which is with the Home Ministry will be thoroughly probed and severe action taken if found guilty, a home ministry official informed OneIndia News. This list has been drawn up by the Intelligence Bureau after conducting years of investigation which started in the year 2006.

Cause for concern: While one part of the Intelligence Bureau probe dealt with the NGOs that were getting in funds to block developmental projects, there are several in the list which have funded both extremism and terrorism. This is not a witch hunt as alleged by some of the NGOs, an IB official who was part of the probe informed. If they are clear then they have no cause for concern. There are over 25 lakh NGOs in the country and we have not gone around blatantly targeting everyone. We have a specific list of 188, which have been under the radar for long. No amount of warning or requests seeking details have been forthcoming which led us to keeping them under watch.

The report goes on to identify a number of the NGO’s by name including the following groups all tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood:

  • Society of Social Reforms (Social Reform Society, the organizational form of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait

among those which the report says:

….are of those NGOs which have consistently supported the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh. While the JMB has always targeted the Awami League of Bangladesh, the problem today is in our backyard in the form of Burdhwan.

The same NGO’s have spread their tentacles into India and if the government does not act quick will turn out to be the primary financers of the Al-Jihad an outfit comprising the SIMI, JMB and the Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent.

Read the full report here.

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