UK Labour MP Hosting Organization Close To Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas; GMBDW Research Cited


US media is reporting that a UK Labour Party MP is hosting an event in the House of Commons for an organization close to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. The Breitbart News report cites GMBW research in the report that begins:

One of Labour’s Shadow Justice team is hosting an event in the House of Commons for the Arab Organisation for Human Rights UK (AOHR), an organisation linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Andy Slaughter MP, will chair the event on Thursday night, despite concerns that AOHR’s leadership has links to a variety of radicals.

Andy Slaughter will chair the event despite the organisers links to Hamas.

AOHR claims to be a global non-governmental organisation ‘established to promote human rights culture in the world and to advocate human rights in general and the rights of the Arab citizens in particular’. But its directors, Mohammed Jamil and Ibrahim Sayam, have close links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Mr Jamil helped the notorious extremist, Raed Salah, when he faced a deportation order by the Home Office in 2012 (pictured together above). At the time the Government stated Salah’s presence in the UK ‘would not be conducive to the public good’. Mr Salah is believed to be the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel, and has been described as a ‘virulent anti-Semite’.”

According to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch website Salah was accused in 2003 of helping to funnel money to Hamas, under the pretence of humanitarian aid. He was arrested again in 2007 for inciting racial hatred, by calling for a third intifada. He claimed this was needed to prevent a “diabolical plan” by Israel to cause the Al–Aqsa Mosque to collapse “in a way that would appear as is happening as a result of natural causes, such an earthquake.”

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For the GMBDW profile on Raed Salah, go here.

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