Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MP Defends Female Circumcision


An Egyptian newspaper has reported that an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MP “objected to the criminalization of female circumcision” during a discussion in the Egyptian Parliament. According to the report:

Clashes have erupted between MPs supporting the Child Law and others objecting to it during the discussion of the law at the People’s Assembly yesterday. Muslim Brotherhood (MB) MP Mohamed el-Omda objected to the criminalization of female circumcision in the presence of his three daughters and his mother. Justice Minister Marie said the amendments to the law do not violate religion or the public morals and traditions of society. When he said that God did not create parts of the body that are useless, MB deputy Mohamed Hussein indicated to him about male circumcision and clashed with him.

Although the Muslim Brotherhood generally claims to be upholding the rights of women, this is not the only demonstration of support for female circumcision within the ranks of the global Muslim Brotherhood. In 1998, Dr. Ali Abu Shwaima, an Italian Brotherhood leader and former officer of the Federation of Islamic Organization in Europe (FIOE), was implicated in the operation of a clandestine circumcision clinic where operations were performed in unsanitary conditions. Dr. Shwaima was sentenced to five months in prison in connection with these activities.