IIIT Directors Attend Meeting Of Kuwaiti Charity Tied to Muslim Brotherhood


The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) has reported that IIIT directors and advisors attended a general Assembly meeting of the International Islamic Charitable Organization of Kuwait (IICO), an organization tied closely to the global Muslim Brotherhood. According to the IIT report:

The International Islamic Charitable Organization of Kuwait (IICO) held its general Assembly meeting on the 13th of May 2008. Seven directors and Academic Advisors from IIIT attended and Dr. Barzinji delivered the Delegates Address to the General Assembly. Subsequent to the meeting, the Directors took the opportunity to discuss IIIT issues. They met for 3 days to discuss publications and distribution, the evaluation of the seminars with Egyptian Universities during March and April 2008, and the possibility of establishing a university in the Middle East or Indonesia. A master plan was presented for discussion on the Medical Ethics and Practices curriculum in several Medical Colleges in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia, Brunei, India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

The IICO lists branches in the MIddle East, Africa, Switzerland, and the U.S. Three individuals affiliated with the Swiss Branch were also associated with the now defunct Al Taqwa Bank:

Ali Ghaleb Himmat (former head of Muslim Brotherhood in Germany)

Youssef Qaradawi (a leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood)

Khaldoun dia-Eddine (Muslim Brotherhood in Switzerland)

The U.S. IICO branch is listed at the same address in Herndon, Virginia as IIIT.

The IICO’s Palestine Charity Committee sends its funds through “zakat committees” in the Palestinian territories, many of which are linked to Hamas. The Swiss office of the Islamic “charity” Human Appeal is also registered at the same address in Geneva as the IICO. Human Appeal has also been linked to Hamas funding and is one of the members, along with the IICO, of the Union of Good. The Union of Good is a worldwide network of charities believed to be raising funds for Hamas and is chaired by Dr. Qaradawi.


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