IIIT Visits French Affiliate


The website of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) has announced that a delegation from its Washington headquarters visited the Paris IIT affiliate in May. According to the report:

A delegation from the IIIT Headquarters in Washington visited the Paris office between May 25 and 30, 2008. The delegation was joined by Dr. Anas al Shaikh Ali, Director of the London office. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the IIIT college in France, establish the Council of Scholars for IIIT France, and to discuss the 2008 and 2009 academic activities. They met with the staff, members of the local Council of Scholars and several students of the college. They discussed the space requirements, the budget, and future plans of expansion with the Director, the staff and the professors.

IIIT was founded in 1980 by important members of the Global Muslim Brotherhood who wished to promote the “Islamization of Knowledge.” IIIT was associated with the now defunct SAAR Foundation, a network of Islamic organizations located in Northern Virginia that was raided by the Federal government in 2003 and is still under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department in connection with the financing of terrorism. The organization appeared to withdraw from public view following the 2003 raids, but seems to be enjoying a renaissance of late. IIIT has a network of affiliates located in Europe, Africa, the MIddle East, and Asia. Little is known about the activities of these IIIT affiliates.

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