"Right-Wing Bloggers" Did Not Force Asbahi Resignation



A previous post has discussed allegations by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and it’s supporters that a campaign by “right-wing bloggers” forced the resignation of Mazen Asbahi, the former Obama campaign Muslim outreach adviser. While that post presented the actual timeline of Mr. Asbahi’s resignation, contradicting these allegations, the above graphic provides concise statistical evidence that Mr. Asbahi was barely discussed in blog postings until August 6, the day that the Wall Street Journal reported his resignation. The much smaller group of blog postings occurred around July 29, the day in which Mr. Asbahi’s appointment was announced by the Obama campaign. Between those few days and the day of the resignation, there does not appear to have been any blog activity at all concerning Mr. Asbahi which can also be confirmed by a Google Blog search. This should put to rest the notion that blogs had anything at all to do with Mr. Asbahi’s resignation which was prompted by inquires to the Obama campaign by the Wall Street Journal and based upon information first reported by the GMBDW on August 1.

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