Imam Tied To Hamas And German Muslim Brotherhood Helps Prepare Educational Materials On Islam


A Berlin newspaper has reported that an Imam of an organization associated with both Hamas and the German Muslim Brotherhood was consulted in the development of materials for dealing with Muslim students. According to the report:

The German domestic intelligence agency considers the Islamische Kultur- und Erziehungszentrum (IKEZ) in in Neukölln a meeting place for supporters of Hamas. This strengthens the critics of a handout for dealing with Muslim students that is being developed by the educational administration. The Imam of the IKES was chosen to help explain Islam to teachers….”I think it is very problematic that a very conservative interpretation of Islam is given a prominent place in the handout said Green Party official Gabriele Vonnekold who knows the IKEZ and rejects cooperation with the associated mosque….They promote the view that even little girls wear headscarves and that boys and girls are separated at puberty.

The report goes on to say that the IKEZ has contact with the Islamischen Gemeinschaft in Deutschland, said by the German domestic intelligence agency to represent the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

(Note; translated source)

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