BREAKING NEWS: Global Muslim Brotherhood Sends Letter To Obama Complaining of U.S "Injustices"


Leaders of the global Muslim Brotherhood, including a designated terrorist and an individual who expressed his desire to “destroy Western Civilization from within”, have sent a long letter to President Obama expressing regret “that a large part of the injustices in the world today was either perpetuated or ignored by the US. A report on Islam Online summarizes the letter as follows:

“Civilization cannot flourish and peace and security cannot be enjoyed by the world unless justice prevails on the ground and dominates international relations,” said the letter, …It listed the injustices that need to be alleviated in order to end hostilities and promote peace in the world…. “No other nation in history has suffered injustice like the one inflicted upon the Palestinian people,” the Muslim leaders wrote.”This fact might have been ignored by the US in response either to some financial, political or media pressure or to ideological illusions, legends or electoral ambitions.” The letter affirms that normal relations with Arabs and Muslims can not be reached “unless the injustice inflicted upon the Palestinian nation” is lifted and “unless the Iraqi and Afghan sovereignty is retained.” The Muslim leaders regretted that a large part of the injustices in the world today was either perpetuated or ignored by the US. “Although America is the country which calls for freedom and respect of human rights more than any other country in the world, we believe that the governments of America, in practice, are the ones which violate the human rights most, and confiscating others’ freedom,” they said. “Furthermore, it has shown the lion’s share in supporting dictatorial regimes, conspiring against growing democracies, planning military coups, and disregarding the international organizations.” The letter warned that attempts to impose an American model by force and pressure would only backfire. “The first affected by this method is America itself.” America’s image across the world has been severely battered during the eight-year presidency of Obama’s predecessor George Bush.Bush’s so-called war on terror, a series of detainees’ abuse scandals in Afghanistan, Iraq and the notorious Guantanamo detention center also fanned anti-Americanism across the globe, especially in Muslim countries. The Muslim leaders urged Obama to ensure that the US, under his administration, would seriously reconsider its approach in dealing with the world. “However, this stance requires a type of courage of the American leadership that transcends above personal and party interests.”Will you be a man of ethics and principles and dreams as you promised your people and the world?”

The letter was signed by 36 individuals including:

  • Youssef Qaradawi- probably the most important leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood
  • Dr. Mohammed Akram Al-Adlouni- likely author of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood document  which called for “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”
  • Abdul Majid Aziz Al-Zindani- designated terrorist and Yemen Muslim Brotherhood leader with past ties to Al Qaeda
  • Rachid Ghannoushi- leader in-exile of the Tunisian Islamist movement known as Nahada (aka Ennahda, Al Nahda)
  • Esam Ahmed Al-Bashir- former Minister of Religious Affairs in the Islamic National Front (NIF), Hassan Turabi’s Sudanese political party

The complete letter can be downloaded here.

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