Italian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Gives Prayers At Earthquake Funerals


Italian media has reported that Mohammad Nur Dachan, a leader of the Italian Muslim Brotherhood, gave an Islamic blessing during the funerals of the recent Italian earthquake. According to a report posted on an Italian news portal:

A brief final moment at the end of the funerals of the victims of the earthquake in L’Aquila was dedicated to six Muslims who died in the tragedy, two of whom were Palestinian. The Imam Mohammad Nur Dachan, president of the Union of Italian Islamic Communities read the blessing, who in ”the name of the only God” expressed ”a great sorrow for the brothers and sisters, young people and babies who were victims of the earthquake. All our solidarity,” he said, ”goes to support their families and the survivors, we are bound to them in a single embrace, united as citizens and believers in with common values and ideals.” He went on to read a blessing, ”may the Lord make l’Abruzzo flourish and come back to life, with all the scents and colours of its inhabitants.”

A post from December 2007 reported that Italian authorities had planned to prosecute Dachan and another UCOII leader on charges of inciting racial hatred in connection for various remarks made comparing Israeli to Nazi Germany and accusing it of “ethnic cleansing.” Another post discussed Mr. Dachan’s sophistry in connection with charges of support for terrorism. The UCOII is probably a member of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE), the EU-level Muslim Brotherhood organization, although it is not listed as the FIOE contact organization in Italy.

In January, the UCOII accused the Israelis of planning a “final solution for Gaza” in connection with the Israeli military actions.

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