Muslim American Society Subject Of Egyptian Investigation Into Muslim Brotherhood Money Laundering


An Egyptian newspaper is reporting that that members of the “Foreign Relations Committee” of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood have been charged with with various offenses including money laundering. Names of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Islamic organizations around the world were identified by an Egyptian court report including the MAS in the United States. According to a Muslim World News translation of the newspaper report:

This is a report re the Higher State Security Court detaining 14 Ikhwani leaders for 15 days. One of them is said to be Usama Nasr al-Din, member of the Guidance Buearau, and others are Akef’s assistants. They are charged in joining a banned society and laundering money from their companies. These people specifically are said to have been members of the Foreign Relations Committee, which establishes Ikhwani cells around the world, and take advantage of foreign delegations coming to Egypt to introduce them to the Ikhwani ideology and help spread it in their countries, connecting to Ikhwani units out of Egypt, as well as assisting the International Guidance Buerau in establishing policies. The indictment is said to have mentioned many Arab and European countries in which they worked, like Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, North America, Russia and Albania. This committee is said to be supervised by Saad al-Husseini (he is an Ikhwani MP), Muhammad Saad al-Katatani, head of the MB Parliamentarian bloc is in charge of the regional committee, Hasan Ibrahim MP is in charge of foreign delegations. It also has a unit for work / activism abroad, under the responsibility of Abd al-Mun’im Abu al-Futuh. The Egyptian authorities mentioned many names of Ikhwanis and leaders of the Islamic movements around the world, and connected them to this committee. Names brought in the report are the Saudi Ayed al-qarni and Ayad al-Samarai, deputy chairman of the Iraqi Islamic Party, as well as international organisations like WAMY and MAS.

The MAS is likely the Muslim American Society which was identified in a recent Hudson Institute report as a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and closely tied to the Egyptian organization.

Previous posts have discussed the so-called International Organization of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

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