Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Says Obama Speech Is Part Of Plan To Serve "Zionist Interests"


A Saudi English-language newspaper is reporting that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has called President Obama’s planned speech to the Muslim world part of a plan to serve American and “Zionist” interests. According to the report:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood dismissed on Saturday U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan to deliver a speech to the Muslim world from Egypt as part of a plan to keep Arab and Muslim states divided. Deputy leader Mohamed Habib said overtures by the United States to countries like Syria and Iran, and recent visits by U.S. officials to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, indicated the speech would be used to further the superpower’s pro-Israeli agenda.”The U.S. administration is trying to use each of these countries individually to serve the American agenda and American interests, in addition to securing, promoting, protecting and guaranteeing the superiority of the Zionist entity (Israel),” Habib told Reuters. … “The statements are rosy, but politics is not built on statements as much as it’s based on practices on the ground. Let’s wait and see,” Habib said.

The Egyptian Brotherhood, as well as the global Muslim Brotherhood, frequently assert that U.S. policies are driven by “Zionism.”

Previous posts have discussed the apparent growing role of advisers to the Obama administration who advocate a closer relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S.

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