Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Issues Statement On U.S. Iraqi Troop Withdrawal


On July 8, The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement concerning the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Iraq. The statement in its entirety:

The Muslim Brotherhood, like other citizens of the Arab and Islamic nation witness scenes of the U.S. occupation forces pulling out of Iraqi cities… There is no doubt that these scenes have raised a lot of concerns and grief over what happened to Iraq during the six-year crisis which affected this country by the occupation in which much blood had been spilled causing victims and devastating results including hundreds of thousands of deaths all over Iraq… the loss of Iraq”s human and material resources… The corruption prevailed amid weak political processes and the establishing of a pro-US regime unable to manage the country’s affairs… Hundreds of thousands of Iraq’s noble men and women were arrested and placed inside the government and occupation jails… Millions of Iraqi people have been displaced inside and outside their country. This is the outcome of the gloomy years of the U.S. occupation of Iraq under the pretext of spreading freedom and democracy in the Arab and Muslim worlds. After all, the occupation impudently declares… “We were wrong”… Iraq did not possess any weapons of mass destruction, nor did it have meaningful ties to al-Qaida! The former U.S. President George W. Bush had explicitly announced days before he left his office: “Our information was false,” and when asked to apologize, he smiled and abstained!!… The British government is now opening an investigation with the former government which was headed by Tony Blair to find out how and why Iraq was invaded amidst false information promoted by newspapers about Iraq”s possession of weapons of mass destruction! Each day passes revealing a number of facts and proving beyond doubt, the invalidity of the allegations of the U.S-Western coalition justified by the invasion of Iraq. They did not apologize for their shameful crimes against humanity.The Muslim Brotherhood regarded the withdrawal as a mere deployment of the occupation forces assuming that the independence of Iraq will only be accomplished by the withdrawal of the last soldier of the foreign occupation from the Arab Muslim country. The Muslim Brotherhood calls for the people of Iraq to completely document the magnitude of the devastation caused by the occupation without prejudice as well as recording the numbers of dead, wounded and displaced by the destruction of the United States war machine. This documentation must materially be evaluated on all the countries that participated in the aggression demanded by the international forums and should be registered as a right of Iraqis not a grant or gift. The Muslim Brotherhood also demands the prosecution of Bush and his administration and all those who contributed in war crimes and genocide committed against humanity and against Iraqi people before international tribunals. The Muslim Brotherhood calls on Iraqis to uphold with the national unity, stating they should regard Iraqi blood as a red line that cannot be crossed, while maintaining fre noble resistance against the occupation and the continuation in adhering to the political struggle against the injustices committed against the sons of Mesopotamia such as detention, torture and displacement. Iraqis can administer and take charge of their affairs rather than the mercenary troops interfering in Iraqi affairs (And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not).

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